Friday, July 08, 2005

Boats at Sea

The following boats were at sea in September 1939:

U-26 Type IA C.O. Ewerth, Klaus
U-27 Type VIIA C.O. Franz, Johannes
U-28: Type VIIA C.O. Kuhnke, Guenter
U-29: Type VIIA C.O. Schuhart, Otto
U-30 Type VIIA C.O. Lemp, Fritz-Julius
U-31 Type VIIA C.O. Habekost, Johannes
U-32 Type VIIA C.O. Buechel, Paul
U-33 Type VIIA C.O. von Dresky, Hans-Wilhelm
U-34 Type VIIA C.O. Rollmann, Wilhelm
U-35 Type VIIA C.O. Lott, Werner
U-36 Type VIIA C.O. Frorhlich, Wilhelm
U-37 Type IXA C.O. Schuch, Heinrich
U-38 Type IXA C.O. Liebe, Heinrich
U-39 Type IXA C.O. Glattes, Gerhard
U-40 Type IXA C.O. von Schmidt, Werner
U-41 Type IXA C.O. Mugler, Gustav-Adolf
U-45 Type VIIB C.O. Gelhaar, Alexander
U-46 Type VIIB C.O. Sohler, Herbert
U-47 Type VIIB C.O. Prien, Guenther
U-48 Type VIIB C.O. Schultze, Herbert
U-52 Type VIIB C.O. Barten, Wolfgang
U-53 Type VIIB C.O. Heinicke, Ernst-Gunther

September 1939

This section is for the U-boat war in the Atlantic for the Month of September 1939.